Threat Detection

At Stealth Cyber Communications we offer only the best in breed with our Enterprise Cyber Behavior Analytic System which uses AI algorithms and Machine leaning processes to wire your data which is your most comprehensive real time source of insight to automatically detect.

All while countering cyber-threats within all sorts of networks, including physical, cloud and virtualized networks, as well as IOT and SCADA Type utility networks.

How we do it?

Stealth Cloud anomaly uses virtual sensors which are extremely lightweight software components installed as a ‘virtual appliance within your network and ’configured to receive an authentication confirmation which then communicates directly with a virtual network switch to confirm secured and deployed.

SC Virtual Sensors are lightweight, cloud-based server agents that extract single copies of network traffic for analysis from your cloud or physical infrastructure.

Our mission is to provide best-in-breed data and network security products and expert services that will reduce your exposure to information theft and destruction while maintaining corporate network security. We advocate a comprehensive approach to information security; evaluating all aspects of an organization’s vulnerability from internal compromises to external threats.

Our SCSOC Team

Monitors raw network traffic, monitoring every single device and user, and automatically understanding the complex data threads between them with an accurate computation understanding of what is normal behavior within the business, SCSOC can identify emerging threats that have bypassed traditional security defense systems, and are active and hidden deep in your network.

SC Anomaly Behavior Tracking Platform

Provides your business with real-time threat detection, and complete visibility across today’s distributed infrastructures, including virtual environments, third-party clouds, hybrid deployments, and cloud-only infrastructures.

Enterprise Behavior Analytic Platform

Is the only solution able to offer real-time visibility and insight into all parts of the network, regardless of how it is configured.

End-to-End Visibility for your Enterprise

Stealth Cyber SOC Monitoring provides deep Visibility coverage into previously unseen areas of your network, giving your Tech staff a richer insight into emerging threats and anomalous behavior before it arises irrespective of the user login location.

Threat Anomaly Detection approach

Our SCSOC three Threat behavior detection approaches:

  • Correlation of known signature based security services from third-party threat intelligence against the collected firewall Log data
  • Implementation of complex searches created by one’s own security team, who can visualize specific sophisticated types of attack or compliance breach
  • Detection from other preventative tools inside the business, which typically also rely on rules and signatures.

For Hybrid Deployments of Physical & Virtual Environment’s

Our SC Cyber Detection Physical or virtual appliance is connected to the physical or virtual network, already captures the activity of a user or client accessing data within the cloud data center. Our Cyber SCSOC gains visibility of lateral information flow and can capture their inter-communications, allowing for greater insights into the data moving within each location, and ultimately, complete visibility of all cloud activity. The data is then sent back to our Primary Host appliance where more advanced analysis is performed.

For  Cloud and web application environment’s

Our SC Cloud APP virtual sensors are designed to interact directly with your cloud applications via HTTPS requests, allowing user interactions to be processed and monitored in real time, whether they originate inside the network or from remote locations.

Our Stealth Cyber SCSOC Operations team is always up and alert 24/7 so you don’t have to be.