Manage Network

Stealth’s portfolio of network management services allow companies to outsource as many IT responsibilities as desired in order to meet the unique needs of each organization.

IT Manager

Operational flexibility requirements are continuously increasing. Strategies and forecasts are changing weekly, if not daily. From managed services to staff augmentation, today’s resource-challenged businesses seek new, creative, and cost effective ways to meet their complex, ever-changing needs. Through IT Manager, Stealth works with your company to create a multi-year technology reference architecture, ensuring that internal systems and processes align with business goals — and keep them there.

Thousands of IT Challenges, One Technology Consulting Partner.

  • Integrating new hardware or software options to lower costs, increase reliability, or find new profit sources
  • Migrating applications and data to cloud-based systems for increased security and real-time updates to collaborative projects
  • Forming contingency plans for data backup, disaster recovery, and facility relocation
  • Consolidating technology between several different offices, systems, or merging organizations
  • Custom databases, applications, and communication systems to work in non-traditional offices and business structures


Stealth’s cloud services allow companies to migrate some, or all, of their IT functions to a secure and reliable cloud-based environment. Stealth’s Data Centre facility is custom designed to accommodate even the most demanding of bandwidth and performance requirements with 99.9% reliability. Located in Toronto, Stealth`s Data Center is equipped with industrial-grade servers, redundant uninterruptible power supply, generator backup, and smoke detection/fire protection systems, as well as a direct fiber-optic connection.

Email Hosting

Stealth’s Email Hosting is perfect for organizations that need to collaborate or maintain shared appointments and contacts. Corporate email boxes can share email, address book, calendar, notes, tasks, and journal folders.

Web Hosting

Stealth’s Web Hosting facility is custom designed to accommodate even the most demanding of bandwidth and performance requirements with 99.9% reliability. Websites are stored in Stealth’s Data Centre on industrial-grade servers.


Stealth’s co-location facility is situated in downtown Toronto in a Tier 3 data centre. Stealth’s data centre allows companies to obtain better business continuity, easier stability, and minimal network latency – all at a fraction of what a private data center would cost.  Clients in our data centre are provided with a safe haven from a wide range of controversial rulings, including the DMCA and the Patriot Act. We offer excellent connectivity to the United States, and top-grade access to customers situated in Canada’s primary population centers and business hubs.

Stealth’s superior data center features environmental control, fire suppression systems, redundant power sources and UPS backup. We offer a large capacity of multi-homed bandwidth, round-the-clock physical security, and highly-available monitoring and technical services such as central data storage. All this combined with our enterprise-grade infrastructure makes us the most cost effective co-location host in the city. We offer rackspace to meet the needs of any organization.

Managed Services

Stealth`s Managed Services supports a full suite of  technology solutions from hardware installation and maintenance, to network administration, cloud services, backups and disaster recovery, all with a 24/7 state of mind. Stealth’s managed IT services is like getting a full-service, dedicated IT solution without the hassles and investment of creating and staffing a department from scratch.

Stealth’s Managed Services is built around the following core areas:

  • Complete management and maintenance of operating systems, database servers, and applications
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring & Reporting
  • Monitoring the entire network ensuring it’s tuned, efficient and hassle-free support
  • Offering advice and problem-solving service around the clock or as scheduled, you choose

With Managed Services, Stealth can take varying levels of responsibility based on upon corporate requirements, including vendor management and maintenance, remote and telephone support, system updates, and expert advice. Stealth has varying tiers of service to meet the needs of any company.

Managed Voice Services

Stealth offers two versions of our Managed VoIP service that enables you to stop managing carriers, hardware, and vendors. Depending on your needs, we can manage an IP PBX on your site or provide you with a fully hosted cloud-based solution with telephone company grade quality and highly advanced unified communications features.  All solutions are designed to exceed expectations, scale to meet changing demands, and are fully supported and managed 24 x 7 x 365.


Gain efficiency by having data and voice share the same network.


Quickly scales to meet your current business requirements.

Lower Costs

Replaces costly phone lines and PRI circuits with an on-demand phone network.