Build Network

Stealth’s professional services deliver the right skills for your projects to ensure the timely delivery of customized services to meet corporate requirements. Services are available to help with an existing project, design a new network, or provide occasional support.


Network Security Audit

Stealth’s team of security experts will review the company’s network security and provide a Network Security Audit Report that:

  • Highlights “gaps” from security best practices
  • Identifies your security vulnerabilities
  • Provides cost effective recommendations to secure your systems

Our Network Security Action Plan Report provides an IT security audit and a prioritized risk response executive summary of tasks that will eliminate or reduce your risks. Stealth’s operational team has the capability of implementing the deployment of the recommendation in a time effective manner. Stealth’s goal is to make sure that your network is protected on every front and to “keep your network under the radar”.


Network Design and Architecture

Stealth is able to design strong network architecture for all businesses, whether it is a new office or an existing office that has added new equipment or needs have changed. Stealth has the expertise to stage and stabilize your IT network environment. Despite the claims of many manufacturers, Stealth understands that plug-n-play just isn’t always a reality so that is where Stealth’s team will take the time to optimize new systems for your network. Once a procurement decision has been made, we can assist in the deployment of hardware, software, and networks from the ground up.