Whether you need a prototype or a production-ready platform, our engineering team’s deep experience in cryptocurrency, data science, and serverless computing can help you leverage the benefits of blockchain.

We offer

Wallets: Conduct secure and fast assets management with tailored made and automated cryptocurrency wallets and token portfolios

Smart Contracts: Enable automated interactions between parties with self-executing coded contracts based on Ethereum blockchain.

Hybrid Apps: Implement user friendly hybrid applications that offer the advantages of blockchain and traditional enterprise / back-end applications.

ICO Services: Increase your business results with custom IT systems for ICO. We provide integration with KYC / AML services, payment gateways, cryptocurrency portfolios, stock exchanges.

Focused Talent

Our Senior Bloch chain devops teams work as a Unified Team around the clock to drive your project forward with agility. By only focusing on our clients needs and requirements to get the ball rolling we’re able to deeply engage with the problems you’re trying to solve.

Full Accountability

We offer full Transparency in all of our projects  You’ll be in constant communication with your team, knowing your project’s status every step of the way from new add-ons to new functionalities.

We’re here to help you:

  • Evaluate potential blockchains for your project, including Ethereum, EOS, NEO, Tezos, Tauchain, and Qtum, and choose the best fit
  • Know when to use private permissioned blockchains like Quorum

Our capabilities include:

  • Blockchain deployment and development with web3, solidity, cakeshop and truffle
  • Smart contracts and custom dapp frameworks like OpenZeppelin
  • Application and data science engineering using Python
  • Enterprise native mobile apps with Swift and Objective-C
  • Web platforms using Phoenix / Elixir and serverless architecture

Transparency is our priority – you see what we do, then you give feedback, update goals, and change directions to meet your project’s needs.