Stealth will tailor an IT solution to fit your specific needs, from strategy formulation, to legacy systems migration, hardware sourcing, maintenance, and support. Stealth’s fully managed services take complete responsibility for your technology requirements, including vendor management and maintenance, remote and telephone support, system updates, and expert advice at every step of the process.

Stealth’s state-of-the-art software and management detection systems identify possible threats and prevent attackers from locating your sensitive information. We audit your IT topology and provide a thorough assessment to identify critical gaps in security and provide cyber security risk insights and strategies. By recognizing potential threats early, you can take action faster to neutralize and significantly reduce threats.

Stealth can support every component of your IT environment – including workstations, servers, and network devices.  Routers and network switches are the lifeblood of any network and should be securely managed.  Co-location services are also available at a

Tier 2 data centre. Stealth will keep your system healthy, ensuring the free flow of your information and the carefree running of all

your applications.

The time is NOW to arm your endpoints.

Compromise is inevitable, but a massive data breach resulting in long-lasting financial, operational, and brand damages doesn’t have to be.

Regardless of the size of your business or the complexity of your internal systems – even if you don’t keep financial records – you need to keep your business secure, heavily protected and free from threats of critical information theft.

Stealth goes the extra mile in protection providing your first line of defence with maximum detection rates of malware and minute-to-minute updates, even for new zero-day vulnerabilities.

Simple and highly intelligent security that makes sense.

In the business world, the driving forces of internet protection are strategic malware, mobile Trojan worms, and the increase in advanced cyber attacks.

These risks have changed the way we look at data and internet security. Your confidential data must be protected in real time regardless of device, location, or application. You need protection that is cost-efficient and easy to manage, and you need that protection and security to grow and change as your business does.